concept of Smartec project

SMARTEC proposes to raise a unique Power-RF nanoelectronics innovation from TRL6 to TRL8, that will radically transform future transceiver RF-power modules (TRX) and to produce them through a dedicated pilot line. These novel TRX of enhanced performance, smaller size and lower manufacturing cost will be core components of new products, addressing several segments of the RF-power market. SMARTEC paves the way to its stakeholders to access new markets and/or help them sustain their positioning in their industry rivalry, as well as increase their market shares. Moreover, SMARTEC will create new value propositions to several other markets (airliners, airports, air & sea vessel manufacturers, tour operators, etc.), as well as to several customer & social groups (passengers, tourists, ecologists & government bodies). The proposed pilot line will fill a gap in the European landscape of power RF manufactures and help European firms using power RF front ends compete global players. Industry faces 2 challenges:

  1. In general, upcoming power RF front end markets (e.g. commercial radars, backhaul, SATCOM) demand more and more higher power levels, higher frequencies, the ability to sustain power-ups, and all at smaller size and lower cost.
  2. Two specific “RF-Power Systems-based industry”, those of Avionics and Maritime, are about to face an obligatory adaption to new or updated strict EU regulations (RECAT EU3 & COLREGS), regarding, Airport and maritime Safety.

The proposed coplanar monolithic GaN MMICs and RF MEMS (only available by TRT and FORTH) product is addressing simultaneously all aforementioned industry problems, while all other competing technologies (commercially available or not) offer partial solutions. Furthermore, the simplified SMARTEC fabrication process alleviates back-end production steps thus lowering cost by 25% which for mass applications (e.g. 5G) can prove the key winning factor.

Starting date: 01/09/2019

Duration: 46 months

Smartec Coordinator

Dr. Afshin Ziaei

SMARTEC project is funded by H2020 program under the grant agreement Number 869817

About Smartec

SMARTEC aims to implement a new generation of RF power modules based on a monolithic integration of coplanar GaN MMIC and capacitive RF-MEMS switches for higher integration, higher performances and lower cost production.A pilot line production will be dedicated for the fabrication these T/R modules based to address the needs of European markets.