WP1: Project Management

Lead beneficiary : THALES

Objectives :

Work Package 1 has for general objective the achievement of the project goals within the timeframe and budget constraints and to ensure an optimum valorization of the project results. More specifically, WP1 will:

  • Coordinate the collaborative work between the project partners
  • Manage administrative, legal, and financial activities
  • Liaise with the European Commission
  • Monitor the gender issue

WP2: SMARTEC Pilot Line

Lead beneficiary : FORTH

Objectives :

The purpose of this WP is to establish the pilot line of the project based on the fact that all the key technological processes are established and have been demonstrated at TRL6.

Towards this, the following actions will be taken:

  • Based on the end users requirements, the production infrastructure of FORTH will be streamlined and upgraded to increase throughput; its ISO 9001 will be reassessed; its cleanroom monitoring platform will be adjusted to the pilot line needs.
  • Fabrication protocols will be tuned to attain targeted yield of 80% and maximum allowable deviations (table 4). TRT will qualify the FORTH fabricated RF MEMS to meet targeted yield of 80% and maximum allowable deviations (table 4). The SMARTEC chipset prototype will be qualified to meet targeted yield of 80% and maximum allowable deviations.

WP3: Prototyping

Lead beneficiary : RFM

Objectives :

This Work Package entails all actions to:

  • Package the smart chipsets fabricated and qualified within T2.4 by the WLP technique and assemble them onto customised PCB boards (2nd level assembly) using already qualified processes thus realising the SMARTEC reconfigurable prototype modules.
  • Qualify the smart module prototype against specs in Table 4
  • The successful qualification of the prototypes will automatically signify reaching TRL 8 and the “inauguration” of the SMARTEC pilot line.

The consortium has foreseen to enough time for at least two assembly iterations to care for possible additional fine tuning actions in the assembly procedures

WP4: Marketing & Business Development

Lead beneficiary : CIDETE

Objectives :

This WP entails all the actions to establish the marketing strategy of the consortium, including new product “paradigms”.

It will cover:

  • Market segmentation and appraisal.
  • Market needs capture & planning (both products & service offer).
  • Go to market strategy including value proposition formulation (allowing positioning the offers) and pricing strategy.
  • Leads generation.
  • Foreground generation
  • Dissemination activities (web site, newsletters, conference presentations etc)
  • Promotional activities

WP5: Ethics requirements

Lead beneficiary : Thales

Objectives :

The objective is to ensure compliance with the ‘ethics requirements’ set out in this work package.